• OEN Start-up of the Year!

  • AbSci Secures $5.1 Million

    in Series A financing led by

    Phoenix Venture Partners

  • AbSci featured in Nature webcast!

    Nature.com invited AbSci to present on next-generation antibody technology.

  • Revolutionizing Protein Expression

    Bringing down the costs of biologic drugs is an integral step in making tomorrows therapeutics accessible today.


We are the global leader in cutting-edge protein production technologies committed to reducing costs in the biopharmaceutical industry.

AbSci has developed a proprietary engineered E. coli expression system, SoluPro™ that will allow for an easily optimizable and scalable production of soluble recombinant proteins. Our game-changing core technology allows proteins (including antibodies and enzymes) to be produced at a fraction of their current cost, without any corresponding loss in performance characteristics.  In addition, use of the versatile SoluPro™ platform accelerates the R&D process by enabling rapid access to soluble protein for screening purposes.  These therapeutic proteins and antibodies are used in cancer and hormone therapies, as well as autoimmune and blood disorder therapies.


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